Illya Ovchar

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Born in Ukraine, Illya Ovchar is a self taught photographer working in a very dramatic, and at times theatrical style. His work is characterised by the use of colour and contrast. Illya is an experimental photographer, and is able to combine abstraction and reality in a captivating way.

Having began photographing fashion at 16, Illya is now photographing all over Europe on various assignments.

His inspiration comes from the works of Dadaist photopraphers, works of the Bauhaus movement, and the brutalist buildings in which he grew up. As a child Illya was often brought to various ballet performances. Now he blends the dream-like world of theatre with reality, which gives his images an authentic look.

With a strong imagination and vision, Illya is a professional and is able to apply his style for a variety of subject and settings.

With a can-do approach, he delivers images of uncompromising quality — on time and within budget.